Autochromes for Lumière des Roses

Société Lumière was asked to highlight the Autochromes “Fleurs” (circa 1920) for the Lumière des Roses gallery, Paris

For the collection of the Lumière des Roses gallery, we have highlighted a panorama of the 8 autochromes. The eight images represent the slides that the projectionists projected to explain the technique of the manufacturing process of the autochromes. They show (from left to right) the different pigmentations of the starch used to make the autochrome.

Autochrome “cinderella”

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est CENDRILLON-copie-1024x224.jpeg.backlight progress

Galerie Lumière des Roses entrusted us with the backlighting of an exceptional autochrome by Paul Quinsier (France, circa 1920). On the occasion of Paris Photo 2022, we created a little animation as a nod to Cinderella’s shoe. With our Casambi dimmer, we were able to subtly adjust the color of the photograph and program an animation.

autochrome by Paul Quinsier (France, circa 1920) – backlight by Société Lumière (accelerated speed)


hanging from the light box of Alain Richard’s photo “Far side” for an exhibition in Portugal
sizes: 180×180 and 160x160cm
hybrid frame between flush and American box

Andreas Soma, installation of animated light tubes

Société Lumière was asked by the Norwegian artist, Andreas Soma, who was invited to create a unique artistic work for the new fire station in Stavanger, Norway. Andreas, who has often worked on the theme of tubes, found a wonderful playground here. Together, we proposed an installation of animated light tubes, with a playful and poetic crossover.