Backlight  for art photographs
The advantages of SOCIÉTÉ LUMIÈRE

Our competence relate to the quality of light that is implemented and its arrangement.

Our experience as cinema and photo lighting equipment manufacturers brought us extensive knowledge of light sources (LED, fluorescent tubes) and the electronics that go with it (ballast, drivers, dimmers, wiring). We are in a constant technological monitoring in order to offer the most appropriate equipment for your projects.

The light in a light box is not necessarily flat and uniform. As in a printing process the backlighting of photographs is organized  to support the artistic intent of the photographer. A “cold” or “hot” light , a dazzling solar light or another that highlights the black can offer photographers different interpretations of their images.We can take over the entire manufacturing process or simply the electrical section if you have your own providers.

We make an estimate of the manufacture of custom light boxes after consulting with photographers, artists, gallery owners and institutions about the best way to do it.

Then we hire collaborations with photo labs, framers, carpenters etc .
We can handle the entire production of light boxes or just the electrical part.
We renovate old light boxes.
We backlight the boxes provided by the artist or gallery owner.
We advise the artist for exhibitions regarding ambient lighting ..