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We create custom frames or have our own models

Example in the picture:
140 x140 cm metal frame, 7cm deep, visible edge 1.2 cm, finish: satin black epoxy lacquer

The dimensions envisaged for a lightbox are critical as well for the lighting technique, for the photo print and for the stucture of construction.

Aesthetics/ Technical constraints
Light box / Art object
A light box is not a simple frame, but a custom object that closely associates the image and its housing. We design the box according to the size of the image as well as monumental and miniature in the desired style:
Thin or wide edges, depth of the sides
As discreet as possible or visible and artistic
Metal, wood, thick or thin, painted or rough, the light box is an extension of the image and it is also the work of the artist.

METAL FRAME determines various parameters
Size / Depth / Ledge
Weight / Grip / Ventilation
Framing / Finish

 WOOD FRAME allows a profile on demand and collaboration with your framer

Special care on finishing (raw wood to lacquered metal and even leather).


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