Abdessamad El Montassir “Al Amakine, a mapping of invisible lives »

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Installation of 10 photographs in light boxes, exhibition at LE CUBE, Rabat, Morocco

The Société Lumière took up the challenge of manufacturing double-sided light boxes, with a beautiful finish, suspended by steel cables (specific LED driver).

Abdessamad El Montassir, Al Amakine, 2016-2020.
View of the exhibition “Rise from the ashes”, as part of the Biennale Chroniques

Célia BOUTILER – installation of a backlighted photography

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Célia Boutilier, photo from the cycle ABÉCÉDAIRE D’UNE FORME

backlighted photography by Société Lumière, installed in the new head office of ALTAREA GOGEDIM in Paris, redesigned by Wilmotte&Associés Architectes

size of the photo : 122,3 x 255,8cm
backlighting equipment : TILED BICOLOR by Softlights (2760 LED)
adjustment of shade and intensity by means of a DIMMER in DMX
print on Duratrans, film-coated surface, laminated on diffusing plexiglass foil
frame made by CIRCAD in walnut wood
integrated part in a niche, designed to receive a work of art

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Alexandra Lang, Louvre aligned

Alexandra Lang in front of her photo « Louvre aligned » highlighted and placed in a light box by Société Lumière

120×80 cm, metal frame, diasec Duratrans Kodak Prestige print by Laboratoire Cyclope
remote work (artist resides in UK), installation at a private residence in Paris

Backlight of stained glass

for the exhibition the Exhibition/iste of Christian Louboutin


For the highlighting of the magnificent stained glass windows designed by Christian Louboutin and manufactured by the Maison du vitrail, we used our TILED LEDs for their colorimetric specificities and their ease of interconnection. The TILEDs are fitted with LEDs “Warm White“ in 2700K and Cold White in 6500K. The mixture of the two allows a beautiful saturation of the stained glass windows, while playing on subtle mixtures. To obtain an illusion of real daylight entering through the tinted windows, our wiring was done in different areas (3 bands left-right and 1 for the upper part). In addition, we have added a slight variation in brightness and hue that simulates solar transitions.


The stained glass windows are set in motion by a special DMX programming which turns in a loop. The stained glass windows operate on very low voltage (110-220V) to comply with the safety conditions for exposure (and be usable all over the world).

We used our own flicker free dimmer, it allows to photograph and film the stained glass without having digital streaks.
The stained glass windows are mounted on frames made of fine sheet metal with such finishing precision that they do not need any additional formwork.

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here is the link for the virtual tour of the exhibition :

Seed portraits

16th edition of PHOTAUMNALES
TERRA NOSTRA – Time of Anthropocene
28 SEPT. 19 > 05 JAN. 20
Thierry Ardouin
light box for artistes
Thierry Ardouin has portrayed the seeds which are the stake of an open war between partisans of hybrid seeds and those of the peasant strains.

highlighted with animation by Société Lumière

Seb Janiak, The Mass Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Series « THE KINGDOM » constitutes an essential step in Seb Janiak works. Inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the “Bardo Thodol” where the soul deprived of its mortal envelope has to face its repressed desires, its angers, traces of its passing through the matter on earth.

“Bardo Thodol” light box 144,5×172,8x9cm, manufactured by Société Lumière
stainless steel frame, magnetic, polished mirror
face mounting « sandwich » for rigidify the image
bi-tension light box 100V (Japon)

“Bardo Thodol”, Seb Janiak