SOPHIE CALLE at Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris

The Hunting and Nature Museum in Paris invite Sophie Calle, French writer, photographer, installation and conceptual artist.

Sophie Calle ased us for a light box “where you do not see anything”. She superposed a  text on the image of her father and, at the reading, the image is not visible. It can be seen after 35 seconds, for a few seconds, before power off, leaving us with a image of his father which continues to exist in our memory. The text, stamped on the acrylic-glass panel remains whiteeven when the backlight is turned on. It is like a diorama, that Sophie Calle presente us, a tribute to the image, to the writing and to his father.

from 10 OCTOBER 2017 to 11 FEBRUARY 2018   62, rue des Archives 75003 Paris, FRANCE

s calle